NYE 2021 Muppet Marathon 🍿

Free event + popcorn! Join us for a super chill NYE afternoon

Friday December 31, 2021, we'll be playing our favorite Henson Muppet movies all afternoon.

Starting at 12:30p, The Muppet Movie (1979). The very first film of the Muppet franchise! This movie gives us the origin story of the Muppets, as Kermit the Frog embarks on a cross-country trip to Hollywood, encountering several of the Muppets—who all share the same ambition of finding success in professional show business—along the way while being pursued by Doc Hopper, an evil restaurateur with intentions of employing Kermit as a spokesperson for his frog legs business.

Up next at 2:30p, The Great Muppet Caper (1981). In the second live-action Muppets film, intrepid journalists Kermit, Fozzie and Gonzo snag an assignment reporting on a British jewel heist. Arriving in England, the trio settles in at the raucous Happiness Hotel and seeks out socialite Lady Holiday, the victim of the theft. Soon Miss Piggy appears, intending to work for Lady Holiday, but she ends up being framed by the aristocrat's scheming brother, Nicky. Kermit and company work to clear Piggy's name.

And then at 4:30p, The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984). When Kermit the Frog and friends start a stage act, they decide to take the show from their college town to Broadway. However, once the Muppets wind up in New York City, they have difficulty finding financial support for the production, instead running into cheats like Murray Plotsky (Dabney Coleman). Unable to stage the show, the group splits up, and they all take different jobs around the country. Just as Kermit thinks he has finally found a backer, an accident gives him amnesia.

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