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LRN 2 Play: Splendor, April 24th, 2022

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Brought to you by Forthright Cyder + Jitterbug

For our second round of LRN 2 Play we'll be diving into Splendor! It is the renaissance. Fine art is in demand and wealthy nobles are looking to spend their family’s coin. You, a rich merchant, is of course only too happy to take advantage of these fine folks. You will use your resources to acquire mines, transportation methods and artisans who can turn these raw gems into profitable jewels.

What is LRN to Play? This is a group ticketed event in which you get a discounted board game (provided by Jitterbug) to bring home, and cyser drink specials while Forthright's Cysermaker Japheth Fitzpatrick gives you an in-depth tutorial and help referee your first game at the Forthright Cyder & Mead tasting room in Youngsville, NY! This event is family-friendly. Recommend age range is 10+.

Your group ticket is good for up to 4 players!

Check out photos from March's LRN 2 Play Carcassonne here.

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