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Cysers & Meads
Updated April 1, 2023

In production

Bossfight: Our flagship cyser is a hazy, sparkling golden wine, with strong apple, crisp tartness, and warming honey finish.

Excelsior: Our flagship mead gets its name from the New York state motto, which means "Ever Upward". It reminds us to learn from mistakes, never give up, and make tomorrow better than yesterday. Fermented with local honey for a crisp, slightly sweet, and very crushable refreshment. Excelsior!


Helen: Created by co-fermenting NYS apples and honey to bone dry, then aged on oak spirals. A full bodied cyser with notes of vanilla, dark spice, and smoke.


Potion of Glory
(sold out)

Most of the year it's hoodie weather here in the Sullivan Catskills. Even in the dead of summer we have nights that can be straight up chilly! Hoodie Weather is an off-dry cyser that we steeped our proprietary blend of mulling spices.

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