Cysers, Meads, & Cyders
Updated 7/23/21
Bossfight Cyser

Our flagship cyser is a hazy gold with strong apple, crisp tartness, and warming honey finish. NYS apples and honey co-fermented and cold-crashed.

7% ABV
Smoke Show Cyser

Created in collaboration with Van Smokey: a meat shop & market located in Livingston Manor, NY that smokes up a storm! Apples smoked with cherry wood were co-fermented with NYS apple cider and honey. A rich cyser with notes of whiskey, burnt apples, and a bright tart finish.

7% ABV
There's Something About Maple Cyser

A complex cyser co-fermented with NYS apples, honey, and very dark grade maple syrup from Tree Juice Maple Syrup. This isn't like pancake syrup, but rather is full of warm woody notes with a rich sweetness. 

7% ABV
Easy Peasy Cyser

A refreshing lemon-drop zinger, co-fermented with Hudson Valley apples, Catskills Mountain honey, and a big squeeze of fresh lemon juice and zest.

7% ABV
Excelsior Mead
(low stock)

Our first draft mead! A strictly honey fermentation using local honey from The Catskills. Semi-sweet with a warming honey finish. 

7% ABV
Helen Oak Cyser

Bone-dry cyser made with apples, honey and oak spirals. Crisp with a ton of oak-y goodness.

7% ABV
Potion of Glory

Traditional mead, sweet and still, perfect for sipping.

9% ABV
Mulled Cyder

Slow mulled fresh cyder with a special blend of spices along with fresh ginger and navel oranges. Perfect on its own or spike it with some bourbon.

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Find 16oz bottles of Bossfight, TSAM,

& Easy Peasy at these fine shops!

Sullivan County

Van Smokey

Narrowsburg Proper

La Salumina

Forestburgh General

Willow & Post

Jeffersonville Bakeshop

Delaware County

Catskills Harvest


Someday Bar 

Most of the year it's hoodie weather here in the Sullivan Catskills. Even in the dead of summer we have nights that can be straight up chilly! Hoodie Weather is an off-dry cyser that we steeped our proprietary blend of mulling spices.